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Convenient Rug Cleaning

Area rugs serve many purposes in your home. They add texture and interest to your décor, protect your wooden and tiles floors from scratches and spills, and provides a bit of warmth for people padding around your home in their bare feet. Unfortunately, there is nothing to protect those area rugs from the common household dirt and spills that is part of daily living. No matter how frequently you vacuum or even shake out those area rugs eventually there comes their point when they simply need a bit more cleaning that normal everyday cleaning provides. That’s where we here at San Jose Carpet Clean might be able to provide you assistance. We can clean your area rugs, making them look almost new again while saving you time and energy.

Rug Cleaning That is Convenient For You

We know that most people in San Jose live extremely busy lives, and you simply may not have the time, to sit home while we come in and clean those area rugs for you. Not to worry. You don’t have to be tied at home while your area rugs are being cleaned. In order to work around our customers busy schedule we offer our customers two options for cleaning their area rugs:

The first option is scheduling a convenient time for you and your family to have our skilled technicians come into your home with our state of the art cleaning equipment and green cleaning products which is safer for children and pets than those chemical cleaners and have those rugs cleaned while you and your family are enjoying a family dinner or watching a movie together.

The second option is to arrange a pickup of your area rugs and using the same state of the art cleaning equipment and organic cleaning supplies. We will clean your rugs at our facilities and deliver them back to you at your convenience. That way you won’t have to decide between that dance recital or basketball game or having your rugs cleaned. You won’t be tied to home, while your rugs are being cleaned waiting for our technicians to complete the job before you can get back to your life.

We Can Clean Any Type of Area Rug

Best of all our skilled technicians are trained to clean any type of area rug your may have including:

  • Persian
  • Turkish
  • Japanese
  • Silk
  • Wool Blends
  • Handmade or machine made
  • Synthetic or natural
  • Old or New

Not only can we get that ground in dirt out of your rugs, we can also remove stains and odors as well, so that your rugs look and smell clean and fresh. In addition, not only are organic cleaning products safer for children and pets that those chemical cleaners they also don’t leave behind that powdery residue so your clean rugs look clean, really clean and bright.



To learn more about rug pick up and delivery service or to call to have us clean your area rugs in your home or schedule them for pick up and delivery call (408) 290-7110 or talk to our online representative.

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